A.J. Allmendinger decides to take NASCAR's Road to Recovery

By Brian Berg Jr.

A.J. Allmendinger decides to take NASCAR’s Road to Recovery

After failing his drug test and being suspended indefinately by NASCAR A.J. Allmendinger had three options available to him.  Simply stop driving and leave NASCAR, fight NASCAR in court, or participate in the program NASCAR has available in order to get restated in NASCAR.  A.J. Allmendinger has chosen the later and will go through NASCAR’s “Road to Recovery” program.

NASCAR’s “Road to Recovery” program will be specifically tailored to A.J. and the drug he tested positive for.  Since it is specifically targeted to him there is no indication on how long this will take or what it will entail.  The official statement from A.J. Allmendinger is below:

“While we await further information from testing to determine the cause, we have notified NASCAR that AJ will participate in the Road to Recovery Program starting immediately. As we have stated earlier, we respect NASCAR’s drug testing policies. They are first and foremost in place to protect drivers and AJ being among those.  We fully support the program, and  and as more details become available, we will share them. We would like to personally thank Mr. Helton and John Bobo for helping worked through this in an expeditious manner.”

-Tara Ragan, Vice President, Walldinger Racing Inc.

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