AJ Allmendinger’s Latest Suspension Is A Heartbreaker For NASCAR Fans

With the latest results from AJ Allmendinger’s “B” sample test, not only do the results affect him but NASCAR fans as well.

Allmendinger was suspended indefinitely by NASCAR Tuesday following the results of his second substance abuse test. The second test better known as the “B” sample confirmed the results from Allmendinger’s first test done after the race at Kentucky Speedway. The exact name of the substance for Allmendinger’s suspension has not been released.

The 2012 season began as a brand new opportunity for Allmendinger as he had signed with Penske Racing to replace Kurt Busch, in a one-year contract. Since his debut with Penske, fans have followed his journey in Penske equipment, and the new direction of his NASCAR career. The first failed test cut the journey early.

Since Allmendinger’s initial suspension at Daytona fans have been supportive of the driver. Fans have opened up Twitter and Facebook accounts in support of Allmendinger, with many waiting his return to the No.22 Penske Racing Dodge. Through the past weeks #SupportAJ became the main topic for NASCAR fans.

Through out the weeks fans have questioned what could have been the motive for Allmendinger to fail his first test. Many questions still remain concerning the final results of the second test that were revealed. Many have waited for the results in hopes for a better future for the driver.

Allmendinger’s suspension not only has hurt the fans, but it affects his team, his sponsors, and NASCAR, due to all the confidence, support and money that was invested towards him.

Ever since NASCAR began its Substance Abuse Policy, only one driver has been suspended indefinitely prior to Allmendinger, that being Jeremy Mayfield. Since Allmendinger’s suspension was announced drivers said that they were content with the way NASCAR has managed the situation and that the policy is effective, but still concerned on the future of a fellow driver.

Allmendinger is coraporating with NASCAR and will now participate in NASCAR’s road to recovery program with hopes to return to racing. The day after his suspension Walldinger Racing Inc. vice president Tara Ragan told that Allmendinger was suspended for amphetamines, after she first referred his first failure to a stimulant.

As Allmendinger’s fate now lies in the hands of NASCAR’s recovery program, NASCAR fans now await the fate of another driver.

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