Danica Patrick Could Run The 2013 Indianapolis 500

By Riley Schmitt

Danica Patrick made a big deal about coming over to NASCAR and being done with IndyCar, but she might be going back.  Patrick has said that she is “50-50” on driving in the 2013 Indianapolis 500, which would not make a whole ton of sense if she’s trying to have a good cup career.

“Fair chance,” she said. “I’ll say 50-50. We’re working on it.”

If Danica Patrick wants to run the Indy 500, that is her choice but that doesn’t mean it makes a whole ton of sense.  She wants to run a full time schedule in the Cup series next season.  Setting up to run Indy would certainly be a distraction.  In fact, if she wants to race full time in Cup, that better be the only thing she focuses on.

By the looks of it, Danica Patrick is simply not ready to race full time with the big boys just yet.  She is doing okay in the Nationwide series, but it is nothing to phone home about.  She has been solid in really good equipment.  The races that she drove at Cup this season showed she could keep the car clean but she couldn’t do much else.  Not exactly a good way to convince people you should be driving full time.

She has plenty of time to decide on this, but if she wants to focus on a full time Cup schedule, she needs to let the Indy 500 go.  She has moved on from it and racing there again would only serve as a distraction to what she really wants to do.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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