Jimmie Johnson Wins The Brickyard 400 At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

By Riley Schmitt

Jimmie Johnson really loves racing at Indianapolis.  The five time NASCAR champion brought home the trophy from the Brickyard 400 again in dominating fashion.  Victory lane is a place that Johnson has become quite comfortable with at Indy.

Johnson tends to dominate this race and dominate he did.  There was not really a car in the field that could touch Johnson on the long run.  Once he broke away from traffic, he set sail.  There were some guys that could maybe keep up with him but there was no one who could actually challenge him for the win.

It has been a quiet year for Jimmie Johnson but the Chase is approaching, which means it is time for him to kick it into high gear.  He will be a title contender until the very end and I would not be shocked if he ended up winning another one.  He is simply that good.

For whatever reason, this race did not have a lot of drama.  Johnson ran off and hid and no one could compete with him.  It was a pretty boring race as far as Brickyards go.  There was not a late caution to bunch everything up and fuel milage was out of the question.  It is always a fun race to go to but this edition was not one of those times.

Jimmie Johnson continues to show why he is probably the best driver in the sport.  He may have had a quiet year so far but watch out for him now.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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