Rusty Wallace Blasts Penske Racing Over Joey Logano Hire

By Riley Schmitt

Rusty Wallace will probably always the best guy who drove for Penske Racing.  He has been out of the driving part of the business for a while, but he still gives his opinion on the sport on ESPN and other outlets.  Friday night, he took the opportunity to blast the hiring of Joey Logano.  He believes that Sam Hornish Jr. should have been the man in the ride.

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See, here is my issue with this thing.  I really don’t think Penske cares what Wallace thinks.  He has made mistakes hiring his own drivers, so it is not like he is the world’s best at evaluating talent.  Secondly, Logano has a ton of talent and I bet he shines with a new team.

Sam Hornish has been wonderful for Penske in the few races that he has run this year.  However, he did struggle when was originally a full time driver.  It appears that the team did not want to take that risk again.  Hornish will probably end up with another ride or he will get more seasoning down at the Nationwide level.

Only time will let us see who is right in this battle.  Personally, I think Logano is the right guy for the job.  He is still extremely young and he has a lot of talent.  I expect a couple wins from him next year and he might just sneak into the Chase.  I am fairly certain that we could not say that for Hornish.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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