Tony Eury Sr. Parts Ways With JR Motorsports, Effective Immediately

By Riley Schmitt
Tony Eury
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Tony Eury Sr. has been with JR Motorsports since its inception.  However, something must have changed over the last few years or so, because Eury is leaving the company immediately.  It is reportedly an amicable separation but it should come as a shock.

I am probably not alone in saying that this move is a complete shock to a lot of people.  There have never even been whispers that Eury would end leaving the team.  He was one of the lynchpins and was responsible for a lot of things that went on.

Most of his NASCAR career has seen him associated with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in some way, shape or form.  To see him leaving the team that Jr. started is way out of left field.  There is no word on what that he may end up doing but he could end up being done with the sport for good.  I mean, the dude is starting to get up there in age.

I expect that more information about this will come out in the coming days and weeks.  When something this shocking happens, people want more information than they can handle.  In order for this to make sense, there needs to be more information.   Otherwise, this move makes no sense on the surface.

I wish Tony Eury Sr. well in whatever he ends up doing after his leave.  I am still shocked to hear that he is leaving the company but he must have some big plans.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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