Why NASCAR Needs To Make A Rain Delay Policy Immediately

Rain has plagued NASCAR over the course of the season in ways no one could imagine.  The sport doesn’t have a policy in place to keep fans safe at any venue. In fact, a fan was killed by lightning as rain dumped down on fans at the Pennsylvania track.

As a person who saw one of the ten people to be escorted by emergency crews, it made me wonder “what is NASCAR doing to prevent this from happening ever again and why did this happen?”

It’s scary to see someone pass away while at a sporting event, especially when it could have been prevented.  The sanctioning body played an irresponsible role throughout the Pocono race and the same situation may have been present this evening at Richmond for the 55th annual Federated Auto Parts 400.

It was predicted a while before the event that it would be raining, starting out Saturday morning when ESPN reported a 40% chance and later reported a 60% chance, eventually drenching the track over the course of the day.  The torrential downpour could have harmed thousands of fans at the track, similar to the Pocono Raceway situation where the PA system had an announcement that fans should go to their cars shortly before they called the race.

Instead of postponing the race to the next day, getting fans out of the track before they could be injured, the sanctioning body took it upon themselves to keep the race going until the rain actually arrived at the track.

Richmond had the same situation today.

There was rain, NASCAR knew about it, but they didn’t postpone it for tomorrow. Instead, they chose to run the first few laps under a green/yellow which made fans even angrier.  Not only this, but it’s probably going to rain anywhere from 10:15-10:45 according to weather.com. This will probably cause NASCAR to just cancel the race and move it to Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully by next season, the sport will have a plan in place to prevent any such case from happening again. Maybe they can have more tents to stall people from going to their cars immediately when the race is called or maybe something out of the box. Either way the sport can lose hundreds of fans due to situations such as these.

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