NASCAR’s own presidential debate

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The first of three presidential debates occurred last evening. Mitt Romney out dueled President Barack Obama in stunning fashion, creating discussions throughout the country today.

How about we bring this presidential debate system into NASCAR?

Yeah, it may sound stupid but it can get some good ol’ rivalries back into this sport. We need another Dale Earnhardt Sr. and a Junior Johnson. It’s time to spice things up again.

So, what does everyone think? There’s a comment section on this for a reason, it’s the fans voice that runs this sport we all love.

Here’s my proposal:

  • The sport will hold three debates a year, such as the Presidential debate.
  • These debates will consist of several categories such as what each driver’s future holds, who is the better overall driver, what path is the best for young drivers to make it to NASCAR from the lower rankings, as well as many more which can be determined by a fan vote.
  • Within the debates, there will be three sets of drivers, one set per series.
  • No driver can be involved in more than two debates in the course of a season.
  • The driver’s will not be selected from a fan vote because that would just be a popularity contest. Instead, the debaters will be determined by a combination of driver rating, position in the points standings after certain stops on the circuit, as well as the amount of wins they’ve had in the past 12 races, dividing the season in segments of three.
  • The first debate will occur during ‘Speedweeks‘ at Daytona roughly a week before the Budweiser Shootout on a Saturday evening in front of the fans, likely consisting of the favorites entering the season.
  • The second debate will occur during All-Star week in Charlotte. Maybe it can be a preview to the Pit Crew Challenge. This debate will consist of one driver from each of the top three series being voted in by the fans.
  • The third and final debate will occur during Champions Week in Las Vegas. This will consist of probably the champion from each of the series’ as well as the runner-up. However, it could be another driver if he does better than most in the final 12 races.

These debates will spice things up for sure. It will show the world that NASCAR drivers aren’t “poor and stupid” as previously thought by cartoons such as “South Park” which made the sport look terrible in a humorous way.

Not only this, but a debate system will let drivers have some fire against each other. No, not in the way Greg Biffle shouted at Matt Puccia at Dover, that was just obscene. But, they will be able to let their voices be heard.

Some may say that their voices are already heard when they have post-race interviews, but in reality it’s just better and more entertaining to have Kevin Harvick telling Kyle Busch how stupid he can be on and off the racetrack. How about Tony Stewart against Matt Kenseth? You name me one NASCAR fan who wouldn’t want to watch that.

You, the fans can get involved too. NASCAR has a fan council for a reason. They listen and it makes an efficient difference in how the sport is run.

NASCAR’s own “Presidential debate” can be a fun time for drivers to exchange words on different issues. Besides that, it can show fans yet another side of what their favorite drivers are like.

Sparks will fly. Voices will be raised. Mouth’s will be running. There is not a better combination of entertainment in all of sports.

 Joseph Wolkin can be followed on Twitter at @JosephNASCAR.

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