SPEED TV may dissolve into Fox Sports network

By Joseph Wolkin



NASCAR weekends have an outstanding schedule. Since 2001, practice and qualifying has been televised on SPEED TV,

However, the time has come for NASCAR to evaluate the station which broadcasts the national circuits on a weekly basis. The season starts out with the Gatorade Duels at Daytona which has been live on SPEED TV for several years now.

Besides having live coverage of practice and qualifying, SPEED TV is also the main station for the Camping World Truck Series which can’t be seen on any other network. The channel is the only one that provides coverage for the Truck Series which has been quite popular as ratings continue to increase on a weekly basis compared to year’s previous.

According to several sources, FOX, which owns SPEED TV, will convert the popular NASCAR station into an all sports station, such as the NBC Sports Network which was recently added to their series of stations.

“We continue to evaluate the potential of a national sports channel, but we haven’t announced anything yet. Beyond that, we have no comment at this time,” Senior Vice President of Media Relations for FOX Sports, Lou D’ermilio said via e-mail Friday morning.

If the change were to occur, NASCAR would have to take a serious look at creating their own television station. The sanctioning body will probably figure out something iconic if this were to happen.

Using FOX for broadcasting has been a part of the sport since 2001.

If SPEED TV no longer exists next season, the Truck Series could be setup to have live coverage on the NBC Sports Network or even CBS or TNT once again.

Despite the possible end of SPEED TV, NASCAR has several networks interested in covering the most popular spectator sport in the country.

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