The five craziest drivers in NASCAR

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Todd Bodine

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"The Onion" himself is a pretty crazy guy; just look at his nickname. Todd Bodine has shown his short temper on several occasions this year. Bodine's luck has been terrible and it really isn't a wonder why he's had so many outbursts. The worst of the worst came when he yelled at reporters about how stupid he thought Nelson Piquet Jr is after the two were involved in an accident at Kentucky.

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Kyle Busch


There is not a single driver that is as insane as Rowdy. Kyle Busch is a flaming whack job. It's agreeable that his behavior has improved dramatically this season, but the guy still curses out his crew on a weekly basis. A few weeks ago at Dover, he nearly got fired for comments made about Toyota Racing Development which is one of the major engine programs in the series. Busch has shown an immature side over the years, but it amuses fans so that's a plus right?

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Kevin Harvick


The guy really isn't happy unless he's fighting someone. Kevin Harvick has been in a series of fights in his NASCAR career. As previously mentioned, he once leaped over a car just to fight Greg Biffle. He also nearly fought Biffle during a practice session at Martinsville last season when Biffle rammed into his bumper on the front stretch. Besides fighting Biffle, Harvick's resume of fighting includes battles against Ricky Rudd, Matt Kenseth, Juan Pablo Montoya, Kyle Busch, Joe Nemecheck, Joey Logano, etc.

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Tony Stewart

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Kurt Busch

Busch 2

Not a single word can describe Kurt Busch's reputation. He has shown how vulnerable he truley is. Ever since his DUI when he was with Jack Roush's team back in 2005, the elder of the Busch brother's has struggled to compose his attitude while in the car. Busch's series of rampages started when he battled Jimmy Spencer way back when in 2002. This year, he's yelled at reporters, drivers, crew members, and a whole lot more. But, he's been better this year. The attitude he has spices up the competition and to be honest, the sport could use him to gain a larger fan base from people that act like him on an everyday basis.

Geico 400

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Athletes are the craziest people on this planet, by far – well besides those nut job politicians.

Participating in sports can simply get the best out of a person and the worst. The high’s of being an athlete are fantastic. The low’s of being an athlete, yeah not so much.

NASCAR drivers are a perfect example of this. Everyone knows how hard each of the 43 drivers work on a weekly basis. But, sometimes the attention gets to their heads.

Drivers have to worry about their reputations and at times, they could care less about it. Kevin Harvick once jumped over Greg Biffle’s hood before he nearly strangled him. However, over the years, some drivers have learned to control their anger, others have not.

Raging, cursing, pushing, shoving, and punching. Who hasn’t seen this over the past few years while watching NASCAR? For goodness sake, even Jeff Burton got into a fight with Jeff Gordon at Texas two years ago.

There is nothing wrong with this. NASCAR implemented the “boys have at it” policy several years ago. The policy enables drivers to be more free spirited with less repercussions. We’ve seen this policy have a great effect on the outcome of races several times over the past two seasons.

Fighting is a part of all sports. This series is one-of-a-kind. Drivers aren’t just athletes, their regular people too. But, regular people don’t throw helmets at each other. Yeah, we’ve seen that too this year. Remember when Tony Stewart aimed his helmet perfectly at Matt Kenseth’s windshield at Bristol? Yeah, it gets worse.

With that, here are the five craziest drivers in the sport we all love.