Miguel Paludo To Support A Special Cause At Phoenix


Heading into Phoenix, Miguel Paludo will be doing his part to support an important cause, one that is very close to him.

For the upcoming race weekend at Phoenix International Raceway, Paludo and the No.32 truck will be sporting a special paint scheme supporting World Diabetes Day, according to Turner Motorsports. The special paint scheme will be featured on the No.32 truck for the second time in the 2012 season.

The special paint scheme is set to feature the world diabetes blue circle logo as well as several statistics and resources about diabetes. Paludo’s paint scheme for Phoenix also comes at a perfect time as November is Diabetes awareness month.

The paint scheme supporting World Diabetes Day is a special cause for Paludo, since the driver was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes about nine years ago and his son Oliver was recently diagnosed earlier in the season. Paludo’s son Oliver was eight months old when he was diagnosed.

Paludo’s son Oliver will be featured in the paint scheme at Phoenix, as his name will be posted on the passenger side door.

While making awareness of diabetes in NASCAR, Paludo became a Blue Circle Champion for the International Diabetes Federation.

Heading into the race weekend at Phoenix, along with supporting a special cause the race will also have special feature for Paludo. During Friday night’s race Paludo will be making his 50th career truck series start. His 50th career start also comes within his second full-time season.

In his time in the Trucks Series Paludo also became the first Brazilian driver to win a pole in the series.

“It’s hard to believe that we’re almost to the end of my second full-time season in Truck Series and that I’ll be making my 50th start,” said Paludo in a Turner Motorsports statement. “So much has changed since my first start: we have a new house, our first child was born last year, and then he was diagnosed with diabetes this year…it’s a lot of life-changing events.”

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