NASCAR Messed Up By Not Suspending Jeff Gordon

By Riley Schmitt
Jennifer Stewart – US PRESSWIRE

Jeff Gordon made headlines on Sunday when he intentionally wrecked Clint Bowyer with two laps to go. The incident led to a brawl between members of the two teams and it looked like Gordon was going to be in serious trouble. However, it appears that NASCAR has dropped the ball in its punishment.

This is an absolute joke of a penalty.  It sets a horrible precedent going forward and there is going to be some negative backlash to this.  Gordon could have ended up injuring or killing someone with his stupid actions on Sunday.  He should be parked for the season finale, but I have a conspiracy theory to why that is not the case.

I could be totally off base here, but I think the sport secretly enjoyed the little fracas on Sunday.  It gave the sport some attention and injected some life into what has been a fairly dull season.  You don’t want stuff like this happening every single time, but once in a great while will help stir up the fans and drive ratings.  It may not be the best thing for the drivers, but it might be the best thing for the sport.

Either way, Gordon should be suspended.  If it was a guy like Kyle Busch, people would want him thrown in jail.  Gordon has his reputation and I guess that was enough to spare him.  It should not be that way, but I guess NASCAR feels differently.

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