Five of the most entertaining drivers in NASCAR

By Joseph Wolkin
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Entertaining people is all what sports is about. Obviously, the competition of each sport is clearly the most important aspect for each sport but, sports is nothing without the fans. Fans run every single sport within the universe which is clear in the world of Stock Car Racing, otherwise known as, NASCAR.

NASCAR races usually are the most crowded sporting events throughout the globe. Many races have attendance rates with over 100,000 people which is by far more packed than the World Series, Super Bowl and the NBA Finals. Besides having such high attendance rates, NASCAR is the No. 1 spectator sport in the United States and is second in the world behind Soccer.

What makes races so popular? The atmosphere has plenty to do with it. Adrenaline roars through the bodies of most fans as they see 43 cars weighing more than 3,000+ pounds roaring right past their eyes. By the way, NASCAR fans aren’t poor nor stupid. The average income of a family that watches NASCAR is roughly $50,000 per year according to the NASCAR Sports Services.

Drivers are continuing to make races more popular in numerous ways. One of them and probably the most abundant, using social media to attract fans.

Twitter and Facebook are just two of the many ways that drivers have been competing off of the racetrack attempting to be the craziest, most entertaining driver within the sport.

Drivers are becoming more entertaining each and everyday as they continue to make sure the fans are more involved within NASCAR than any other professional sport.

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