Five NASCAR Drivers With A Second Chance In Their Careers Heading Into 2013

By Christy Valdez
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes opportunities come as a once in a lifetime thing and second chances are a rare opportunity but for some NASCAR drivers that rare feature is within reach.

Heading into a brand new season in 2013 some drivers will be getting a second opportunity in their careers. For five drivers within NASCAR’s Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series, their new opportunity in 2013 will allow them to chase new goals within their career.

For some drivers the 2013 season will allow them to compete full time without worrying if they will be able to make and finish a race. Others will have the opportunity to achieve better results than they have in previous seasons. Going into a new season, some drivers will be able to go back to full time racing or compete for their first championship.

The new opportunity for some drivers will be with new teams ad some with old.

Going into the 2013 season Trevor Bayne, Brian Vickers, David Stremme, Daivd Reutimann, and Joey Logano will be looking forward to getting back on the track for a whole new opportunity.

In seasons past all of the drivers have gone through situations that made their careers take a hit.  For drivers like Stremme it has been weeks of inconsistency in qualifying and being able to finish a race. For Bayne the past season left him without a championship to compete for. With Reutimann it was switching teams without a place to call it his team. With Vickers he was left without a full time ride and for Logano the expectations did not match his results.

Going into a new year it will be a clean slate for all five drivers, with a second opportunity to rebuild their careers.

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