Final Thoughts about the 2012 NASCAR Season

By Brian Berg Jr.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season is over.  It started with a bang, err fire, and progressed through a regular season of 26 races.  It then moved into a ten race Chase to crown a new NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.  There were many stories along the way that impacted the results of the season and many that did not.  One thing is certain: Every one of them added to the drama that is NASCAR.

One of the stories that were notable is that Jeff Gordon almost didn’t make the Chase for the Sprint Cup.  He did, only to end up ruining it by extoling his wrath on Clint Bowyer.  Another story is 2011 runner Carl Edwards missing the Chase and even failing to win a race.  No one would have guessed that at the start of the year.

A big story in the middle of the regular season was the Hendrick cars having an advantage by the rear of the car moving when they entered the corners.  As the other teams figured it out, this advantage went away and so did the discussion.

Finally Kyle Busch missed the chase due to equipment failures.  When there were no failures he ran pretty well.  I have a feeling that this story is still playing out and will continue into 2013.

Like everything in life there are always lingering thoughts.  These are some of those that have probably stayed too long and need to get out so NASCAR in 2013 can begin.

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