What to do With That NASCAR Goodyear Tire You Bought at the Race Track

Joseph Wolkin-Rant Sports

Every time people go to NASCAR races, they go on a shopping spree. Well, at least most people do. Souvenir trailers surround every racetrack, giving fans the impulse to buy memorabilia every chance they get. While visiting the Pocono Raceway in August, a personal experience of mine resulted in buying 35 die-cast cars, and a whole bunch of other items that are hopefully going to be worth something in a few years. Yeah, I’m one of those fans.

However, at the races, people sell some rather crazy items if it wasn’t too noticeable at the time. The most notable of these “rare” items include race-used sheet metal such as hoods, door panels, roofs, deck lids and more. These are a little expensive though. Most pieces of sheet metal range from $30-350 when buying them at the racetrack. Still, who’s to say it isn’t worth it?

There’s another interesting item at the racetrack – tires, or Goodyear goodies, as Darrell Waltrip would say; and they aren’t the brand new tires you would find at the mechanic or Pepboys – nope, they are the real giant tires that NASCAR teams put on their race cars. These Goodyear tires have the inner liner still intact, and all that other fun stuff. They were most likely used during practice or qualifying and sold on race day as independent dealers try to make a few extra bucks, and so do the teams. Whether or not the tires are actually from the teams that the dealers say they’re from is one thing, but either way, it’s still pretty cool to say that you own a Goodyear Eagle.

So, how much do these “scuffs” cost one may wonder? Well, unlike the sheet metal, it’s rather cheap. Yeah, even cheaper than most die cast cars and hats you’ll buy during a race weekend. Goodyear tires usually sell for roughly $5-15. How awesome is that? Getting it to fit in your trunk or backseat with your suitcase may not be so easy, but trust me, you’ll get it done.

Once that tire is in your house with you, you may not have a clue what to do with it. Parents, siblings or significant others may hate the fact that you actually brought home such an item. That’s when it’s time to figure out what to do with it. However, who in the world knows what to do with a gigantic tire sitting in the middle of a house?

Well, several options are available. If you buy four tires, you can throw them onto a vehicle and have a little fun with it when people ask what kind of tires are on it. There’s also the option of making a sink and mirror out of it – but let’s face it, who has time for that?

So, what’s simple, easy and quick then? How about making a table? It actually isn’t too difficult to do, and can be a lot of fun. First, a person has to measure the width of where the central portion of the wheel is located. Then, head over to the local lumber yard and get a piece of round wood with the exact measurements (roughly 16-17 inches) to place at the bottom part of the tire. Next, head over to the glacier (not an actual glacier in the Arctic) and tell them you need a glass circle which should be completed within minutes if you’re lucky. Now, here’s where you can get creative.

NASCAR fans aren’t too boring; they love going crazy, we all know that by now. How about making a mini-race track inside of the tire? It isn’t too difficult either. Just get some 3M double-sided tape and put in onto a few diecast cars and make a little race out of the tire. Finally, just get a little table to put it on and voila, you’re done. If you want to make a few extra bucks, someone may actually want to buy it too. However, after all that work, it’s unlikely you would want to sell that. Plus, you may even get a few complements from your friends and family members.

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