Top Five Most Hatable NASCAR Drivers

By Joseph Wolkin
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

NASCAR drivers have some crazy personalities. Some fans love them, others hate them. NASCAR’s a sport for people who joke around a lot. It’s also a sport for people that have a dying passion for racing.

Some drivers definitely don’t have limits. However, sometimes these limits are rather questionable. Look at when Tony Stewart grabbed Delana Harvick‘s rear end – sure, it was pretty funny to most fans, but there were a few fans that just flat out hated it. In reality, it was just an “oops moment” caught on camera.

So, what deems a driver as “hatable” or not? Well, it’s quite simple actually. A driver that doesn’t truly respect the competition and realizes that NASCAR isn’t about playing games if the first step of a driver getting hated. The next is when they get fined for aggressive driving or even when their team gets docked a few points for a rules infraction. Yeah, those are the worst. A driver that’s hated among fans also wins quite often. No one really knows why this happens, but whenever a driver wins a lot, people start to hate them for no reason other than the fact that they’re good at what they do. It’s like the new guy at work that comes in and does your job better than you do.

A driver that’s hated is also one to have a bad off-track reputation such as getting arrested for a DUI, getting into accidents, divorced or some other crazy issue that has nothing to do with their on-track performances. However, there’s a few NASCAR drivers that are just purely hated for reasons that can attempt to be explained, but probably can’t explain it because that’s just the fun of being involved in NASCAR.

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