Five Lovable NASCAR Drivers

By Christy Valdez
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years and throughout the seasons ever since NASCAR first ever race many drivers have gone on capture the heart of NASCAR fans. Some drivers have won fans over some way, others probably not so much.

Since the beginning of the sport many drivers have gone on to become loved and respected by fans and drivers alike. Drivers have been able to win the hearts of fans not only by how they race on the track every week but for their personalities and attitudes. Since the very start many have come and gone and are still remembered and loved to this day, and in the modern era today’s drivers have captured fans some way or another.

As a new season is set to begin, five of the NASCAR’s most lovable drivers are set to make their way back to the track. In today’s modern era, Tony Stewart, Brad Keselowski, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are NASCAR’s five most loved drivers.

Within these five drivers are champions and future Hall of Famers, but it wasn’t their performances alone that have won fans over. Each driver has their own unique personalities, some are calm meanwhile others are the drivers that like to keep each week entertaining with pranks and jokes. Several of these drivers have gone on to become well respected throughout the NASCAR garage, and some have even created some of the most memorable moments.

With Speed weeks approaching these five lovable drivers are just days away from making their return.


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