NASCAR Fan Wishes for the 2013 Season

By Brian Berg Jr.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This time of the year the media covering NASCAR goes on a tour of many of the Teams.  Each team shows off their new equipment and this year they have even more to show.  The new Generation 6 NASCAR car will figure prominently in the displays and discussions.  For the first time in many years the NASCAR cars will look more like actual cars that can be purchased.

This time of the season is also when those teams that have had driver, crew or crew chief changes can have those new team members together to answer media questions.  This is a time for them to explain how they will go about building a championship team.

A much bigger focus will be teams showing off their Sponsor or Sponsors.  Since NASCAR is built around sponsors this is especially important.  Pretty cars with pretty sponsor logos are one thing but in order to get value for their sponsorship, there must also be some promotion of the alliance both at the track and off the track.  The NASCAR teams will give a preview of some of the promotion that will occur.

NASCAR itself gets into the preseason Media tour.  There is an annual state of NASCAR address by Brian France the CEO of NASCAR.  This is where all of the changes that NASCAR has implemented for the current season is highlighted.

All of the information for the coming season from either the race teams or NASCAR itself is great.  It is certain that some if not all changes will elicit excitement from the fans but what do fans really want.  Here are five that I am sure every fan will agree they would love to see.

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