Danica Patrick's Relationship Brings Questions

By Andy Schmidt
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

There are storylines that most people really don’t care about. The newest storyline that will get a lot of attention is in NASCAR with Danica Patrick dating fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse. I will begin by saying that Danica is obviously getting over her divorce very quickly and moving on but this was the next obvious step for Patrick, wasn’t it? At some point, I figured she would end up dating one of her opponents on the track.

This leads me to several problems with this arrangement and a lot of questions. Is Patrick going to help Stenhouse on the racetrack? What happens when one is in a crash and the other one is still driving around? Are they going to stop to see if their significant other is alright? I really don’t like people dating in the workplace but this is especially bad considering the sport. It could almost be collusion with the two of them on the track working together to stop other drivers. I know there are teams in NASCAR who do the same thing but they aren’t dating each other.

It isn’t any of our business to pry into any athlete’s personal life but this is setting a dangerous precedent going forward. I don’t think this is going to work out for either of them in the long run just due to the sport and the passion involved in it. I wish Patrick and Stenhouse the best with their relationship even if it doesn’t last past a crash involving the two in the Daytona 500. That would really ruin the relationship I figure.

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