2013 NASCAR Chase Predictions; Who is Out

By Brian Berg Jr.
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

This time of the year members of the media and race fans attempt to make predictions as to who will win the NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup.  I am no exception.  Unless you picked Jimmie Johnson for a few years the odds of actually predicting the champion are pretty slim.  Nevertheless, we will try our hand because there is some entertainment in it while we wait for the big race.

Who would have thought that Brad Keselowski and his team could put together the season they did and win the Championship last year?  Who would have thought that Clint Bowyer and his team would go on a run throughout the season and in the Chase to finish second?  If you did then you deserve a big Atta Boy, if you didn’t then join the rest of us and try again.

While doing my predications one thing has come to mind.  There are about 17 drivers and teams that have the wherewithal to make the Chase.  Since there are only twelve spots someone will be left out.  In order to pick the top twelve teams we must pick the five that will be out.  Yes, that also means there are about 18 other drivers and teams that we will not discuss here that will also not make the chase.

It has been said by many that this year the new generation six car will be the great equalizer.  Every team is starting from scratch and has a chance.  I disagree with that.  The teams who have been able to adapt to changes quickly in the past will continue their success.  With that here are some notable drivers and teams who will not make the NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup in 2013.

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