Elliott Sadler Looking for Redemption in 2013 with a New Look

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long journey for Virginia native Elliott Sadler. Most NASCAR fans know his story so there’s really no need to take yet another in-depth look at why he’s back in the NASCAR Nationwide Series because we all know how bad his cars were in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series from 2007-2010.

Sadler’s move to Joe Gibbs Racing is by far better than his move to Kevin Harvick Incorporated. Joe Gibbs Racing has won an astonishing 74 races since 2005 in the Nationwide Series. It’s time for Sadler to get a shot in a vehicle that’s been proven to win and now is his time to show that he should be in the Sprint Cup Series in a top tier car. Joe Gibbs’ team has developed to become the super power of the Nationwide Series and has won four owners championships since they began running full-time in 2000 with Jeff Purvis and Mike McLaughlin behind the wheel.

Bringing along One Main Financial with him to the team which could be a sign of things to come in the future if he’s offered a ride in the Sprint Cup Series for the 2014 season. It may seem stupid to think that far ahead, but in racing, one year could be the biggest difference. Sadler will likely get a deal to drive for Gibbs in the Sprint Cup Series as long as he wins at least five races and wins the championship. Even if he doesn’t win the championship but is able to win races, he’ll prove to Gibbs and other potential car owners that he’s able to win if he’s given the equipment.

Sports Clips also announced that they will sponsor Sadler for the seven races which One Main Financial didn’t sign on for. This is another good sign for Sadler as his friendly attitude is helping him along the way. He’s finished second in the championship the last two seasons and it’s time to change that. NASCAR Illustrated predicted him to be the champion for the Nationwide Series for the third consecutive season, but hopefully for he and new crew chief, Chris Gayle, it will finally happen.

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