NASCAR Fans Hurt at Daytona

By Brian Berg Jr.
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Anytime something happens during a NASCAR race and someone gets hurt it is bad.  When fans go to the track and get hurt it is worse.  The NASCAR Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 race at Daytona International Speedway ended with a big crash.  Not really unusual for a restrictor plate track and a crash that in itself just goes along with that style of racing.  This time things were much different.

If you have ever been to a race there is a fence around the outside of the track in order to protect the fans from any debris that might happen to fall off a car.  Describing it like a fence doesn’t really do it justice.  Sure part of the fence is similar to what you might find in your back yard but the similarities stops there.

The fence consists of poles that are about 6” in diameter and bent in word towards the track. Between the poles is the fence but the fence is laced through with cable that is about 3/8” in diameter.  These cables are similar to the ones that a tow truck might use to hook up a car and drag it out of a ditch.

During the big wreck Kyle Larson’s car went air borne, cleared the outside wall and safer barrier and hit the fence.  While it was doing this it was wildly spinning.  This spinning action pushed the engine through the fence.  It is not imaginable that an engine could break and pass through these large interlaced cables but it did.

To make matters worse one of the front tires assemblies complete with spindle, brake rotors and suspension pieces was thrown either through or over the fence.  Fourteen fans were hurt and transported to a local hospital.  Fourteen others were treated on site for their injuries.  We pray for a speedy recovery to all who were hurt.

For those race fans that did not get to see it on TV here are some pictures to illustrate the severity of this crash.

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