Danica Patrick Runs Great Daytona 500, Impresses Everyone

By Riley Schmitt
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Danica Patrick dealt with doubters all week. There were tons of people who said that the female driver simply couldn’t hang with the boys. They said she wasn’t ready for a full-time NASCAR schedule. However, she showed everyone that she is here to stay after a very impressive run during the Daytona 500.

She did exactly what you have to do to be competitive at Daytona.  She stayed out of trouble and she rode around in the top 10 pretty much all race.  She didn’t try to do too much and it looked like the guys had respect for her out there.  That is the biggest thing that people have been worried about.  When you have a rookie driver, a lot of people don’t want to get caught in the draft with them.  That wasn’t the case on Sunday.

Honestly, watching her was one of the most interesting things that happened during the race.  The bottom line wasn’t working that well, so the racing itself was boring for a while.  However, watching Danica do her thing was quite impressive.  She had a shot to win the thing and that is all you can ask.

Things are certainly going to change when they get to different tracks.  Daytona can kind of hide a driver if you have good equipment.  The upcoming races are more driver oriented than equipment so we will have to see what she can bring at those races.  If she races like she did on Sunday, she’s going to have quite the successful season.

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