The Jeremy Clements Fiasco: Who is Responsible?

Jason O. Watson-US Presswire

The NASCAR Nationwide Series is one week removed from the P.R disaster at Daytona, including both on and off the track issues that have created an aura of negative publicity for the upcoming season. Part of the responsibility for this lies with up-and-coming driver Jeremy Clements. The alleged comments are available online, but still up for debate.

All we know is that Clements has stalled his career for now, and despite NASCAR’s initial stance of establishing a standard for what is tolerable “off the record”, both NASCAR and the reporter to whom the comments were made both backed down, creating an embarrassing and ugly moment for both the reporter and the sanctioning body.

What ever happened to responsibility and pride with regards to the media? “Off the record” no longer exists. Jeremy Clements needs to know this, and the blogger, Marty Beckerman, wants nothing to do with the new responsibility of having a story on his hands. Why? Why not clarify to everyone who now knows that there is an issue what exactly was said.

Simply stating that because you write for a humor blog does not absolve someone of their responsibility to report something as it is. At the end of the day, there is a responsibility for anyone who finds themselves in such a situation to report what they heard and clear this up, so that fiasco’s such as this can be avoided, and both Clements and NASCAR can move on.

Frankly, this will wash over. Clements is required to undergo sensitivity training and his blossoming career will continue. Ideally, this will all wash over, but for now Clements will be marred by this scandal. As a result, his career progress may be halted, but his talent should be able to speak for itself and this incident should become something left in the past.

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