Are NASCAR Races are Boring?

By Brian Berg Jr.
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NASCAR season is only two races old.  In each race there were periods where the cars were lined up single file like they were in a colorful parade.  It’s clear from twitter, NASCAR radio and even the media that races like this are simply boring.  But are they?

If you are a casual NASCAR fan, or a big power fan, if you are just casually watching the race on TV and the cars get strung out in a long green flag run it would appear to be less than climatic.  When races get to this point it will always be this way.  It is simple.  If you don’t agree, stand in line at the post office.  There is no way to fix it.

Ask any longtime NASCAR fan whether a casual fan of super fan and they will tell you that this happens.  They may even tell you they don’t like when it does.

If you find this happens to you, do yourself a favor and do the following:  Pay attention to your favorite driver. When did they pit last? What position are they running? How many seconds are they from the leader?  Also add in what they did on their past pit stop, was it two tires or four?

Now not everyone can keep track of all of the drivers in the race, I know I can’t.  Most people can keep track of four.  Also add to the driver you follow three more. Keep track of the leader, your significant other’s favorite driver or your best friend at the bars.  To spice it up a little more keep track of that driver you hate.

While watching the race, Larry McReynolds or some other race analyst will say what the pit window or maximum number of laps will be for fuel. They will also point out if tires will outlast fuel or vice versa.

Now when there is a long green flag run you will be at the edge of your seat for your driver or excited for the one you hate when their tires are nearing the end of their life or they can run out of fuel.

You will now be “In the Game”. You will be yelling at the crew chief for making a bad call.  You will be yelling at the driver because they didn’t pit yet.  You may even get good enough to call a short pit. You can rib your significant other or your best friend when your driver passes theirs, even if it’s for 20th place.  Last but not least you can cheer that driver you hate when something unfortunate goes their way.

If you didn’t pay attention to the plays in football, it would simply be a game of men running into one another.  Same goes for NASCAR except sometimes the drivers don’t.

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