Denny Hamlin – Let it go

By Brian Berg Jr.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks back NASCAR fined Denny Hamlin for comments they said was denigrating toward the new generation six car.  It is generally accepted by just about everyone that Denny Hamlin’s comments were critical but not even close to what would be considered denigrating.  Denny did what we all might do, refuse to pay the fine and stand his ground. When you’re in Denny’s shoes it is an understandable position.

The problem with Denny Hamlin’s decision to not pay the fine is that, sometimes it’s not your playground.  Sometimes you don’t make the rules and absolutely cannot enforce your rules or interpretation of them on those people whose playground it is.  In this case NASCAR.

Denny realized this and made the decision not to appeal his fine to NASCAR.  From the way his decision was presented and the way NASCAR answered, it appeared that the two came to an understanding.

At Bristol, Denny gets into the rear of his old teammate Joey Logano.  Joey spins and hits the wall.  It ruined Joey’s day.  From the TV vantage point it did not appear that Denny intentionally wrecked Joey.  It looked like typical Bristol and Joey Logano was understandably mad at Denny. They had issues back at Daytona.

Joey went to Denny’s car to discuss the issue.  No discussion ensued, or at least not to Joey’s satisfaction so he took it to Twitter.  Needless to say Joey tweeted, Denny tweeted back, and so on and so forth.

So here Denny is again playing in a game of which he has no control over the rules, a very public game. One of which he cannot win nor does he even need to play.

The question is, how does someone who, not so many days ago, made a mature decision then get drawn into a childish spat.

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