Auto Club Speedway Should Move Its Race

Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

Within the course of the past few years of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series something has become apparent about the racing at Auto Club Speedway. Simply, the racing sucks. No, if, and or buts about it, the racing that reaches NASCAR’s third largest city (Los Angeles) is absolutely terrible. But, every track is unique and has potential for great racing, so there is hope that this track which was created for open-wheel racing can host a successful exciting NASCAR race.

Initiatives have already been enacted by the track to give fans more, or less, of what they want. Previously, races where 500 miles as opposed to the current 400. There used to be two races, including one in the chase. Less is more, but at the end of the day the track needs good racing to sell tickets and stay sustainable, not promotion.

For starters, track operators should be open to moving the race to a Saturday night slot. This could benefit not only the promotion of the race (it would be the first Saturday night race of the season besides the Sprint Unlimited non-points race) but the fact is, cars have increased speed and more mechanical grip at night, when the air and track is cold.

Of course, there is some logistical issues with this, and a happy medium needs to be found. But running the race out of the time-slot used for Saturday night races should in theory prove beneficial for all parties, as opposed to a more radical solution. But fans, media, and drivers alike have all spoken out against the track, and more change in some form or another is imminent.

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