NASCAR 2013: The Brad Keselowski vs. Jimmie Johnson Show Again?

By Jake Thompson
Peter Casey-US Presswire

This past weekend’s NASCAR race, the STP Gas Booster 500 at Martinville Speedway was another decent finish for Brad Keselowski and team. Brad brought the blue No. 2 Ford Fusion to the line bumper to bumper with Kyle Busch for fifth place only to settle for sixth by a bit of a nose.

Settling is the word as Keselowski was disappointed at the finish once again as he has been after every race as the trip to victory lane eludes him. While the reigning champion carved out a sixth place finish, 2012 Chase rival Jimmie Johnson was the dominant force in the race. Johnson in his No. 48 Hendrick Motorsport Chevrolet won his eight grandfather clock at Martinsville.

Keselowski has had the consistency all year long hes been running so much better than even early in the year last year he is making great strides. However he hasn’t gotten what Bad Brad needs to match last years fantastic Chase run; wins.

This year has all the making of another great matchup late season between brash Keselowski and the cool veteran champion Johnson. Of course there certainly are others from the outside looking in on these two drivers in positions second and first respectfully.

If Brad can’t capture the wins he needs, either Kasey Kahne or Kyle Busch will be more than happy to take a run at Jimmie at the top. The fact is if Keselowski wants a shot at that most coveted Sprint Cup repeat he is gonna need some wins to have a chance with this stiff competition this year. Brad has said that if he can get his car to the level of Johnson he’ll beat him in the championship again let’s see him prove it.

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