What Needs to be Done with NASCAR Security after the Boston Bombings?

By Brian Berg Jr.
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I hate writing about NASCAR when nothing has happened to write about.  I also hate about writing about sad things. The bombings at the Boston Marathon changed everything. We will learn something from this senseless act.

My prayers are with those who died or were hurt in the bombings.  My prayers are also with those who selflessly responded to provide help.  The images of the day will be with us forever just like those of the twin towers on 9-11.

The question is how does this affect security at NASCAR events?  A good question considering there typically is more people at a NASCAR event than just about any other sporting event.

If you have ever been to a NASCAR event post 9/11 you know the drill.  Every cooler and backpack must be a certain size.  Each and every one is opened and inspected by those who are in security.  In addition this occurs relatively far away from the venue and only ticketed patrons are allowed any further.

The only way security could be improved is if NASCAR fans were not allowed to bring anything in.  This would be impossible.  Scanners, binoculars, rain gear, sun screen, seat cushions and much more are a necessity for spending three to five hours in the confines of a NASCAR track.

This leaves coolers.  It has already been proven that NASCAR fans are not only used to bringing coolers with their beverage of choice and a sandwich or two but expect to do so.  Many tracks who did not allow coolers now do so when ticket sales dropped with the recession.

We will probably learn we have to be more observant when those backpack, bags and coolers are inspected.  We may also learn about other things to look for.  Unless we are willing to watch NASCAR races in person, naked there will always be something to worry about. There is not much more that can be done without letting those who perpetrate these acts of senseless violence win.

When going to the race, be observant, if you see something out of place let someone know.  There is plenty of security.  If you can’t find security, those who help you to your seat in the stand, can and will help.  Above all else do not stop going to live sporting events and let them win.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for RantSports.com.

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