Newest NASCAR Rivalries Are Taking 'Boys, Have At It' To A New Level

By Christy Valdez
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to short track racing, short track tempers are expected especially between rivals. Of course the tempers add to the race, but has rivals butting heads gone too far as it did in the NASCAR Nationwide Series?

On Friday night, the way to handle a rivalry went to a complete different level when Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott went at each other on pit road. Scott and Piquet haven’t been seeing eye to eye as of late and some of their issues date back to earlier races in the season, but it all went down at Richmond International Raceway. Both Scott and Piquet gave the saying ‘boys, have at it’ a whole new meaning.

After both drivers made contact on the racetrack in the final laps of Friday’s ToyotaCare 250, both showed their displeasure for each other while still on the track after the checkered flag went up. Pushing and shoving was the first thing both men did when they made their way to pit road until a kick from Piquet towards Scott was thrown, striking him in the groin.

The latest rivalry to grow in one of NASCAR’s three series took a turn for the worst not because of the kick, but because of the altercation that followed in the motorhome lot. Members from Richard Childress Racing and Turner Scott Motorsports went at it, which led to the arrest of two RCR members from Scott’s Nationwide Series team.

Rivalries have always existed in NASCAR, but this particular rivalry may be going overboard. Normally, drivers and crews have shown their displeasure towards each other in various ways, whether on the racetrack or on pit road. Punches or helmets have flown on an occasion on pit road but in general, payback on the tracks generally stayed there.

On Friday. the altercation led went far off the track into the motorhome lot, and it may have gone too far. Sometimes you take your issues to the track or just let it go, but the issue on Friday seemed to be too much for both teams. It turned into a dangerous situation as two RCR members were arrested and a few may have been injured as well.

Friday night’s incident at Richmond was the first rivalry in a while to head off the racetrack. Only time will tell how Piquet and Scott handle their rivalry, but expect NASCAR to have the final word about the brawl.

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