NASCAR Lays Out Penalties For The No.2 And No.30 Nationwide Teams

By Christy Valdez

Boys have at it may have gone a bit out of control between Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott, but NASCAR has stepped in and laid down the final word.

NASCAR made their voice heard following post-race incidents between the No.2 team of Scott and the No.30 team of Piquet. Due to the several incidents following the race on Friday night at Richmond International Speedway, NASCAR served several members of both teams penalties for their actions.

Following their post-race altercation on-track and for what continued over onto pit-road, Piquet and Scott were both placed on NASCAR probation until June 26. Both drivers were found to have violated section 12-1 of the NASCAR rulebook for their on-track actions with their cars after the checkered flag waived in the air.

Meanwhile on the No.2 team of Richard Childress Racing, two crew members for Scott received penalties for their actions in a post-race altercation off the track. Both Thomas Costello and Michael Scearce were fined $15,000 and suspended for the completion of the next four NASCAR Nationwide Series races. Both crew members were also placed on probation until Dec. 31 and were found to have violated section 12-1 of the rule book for actions detrimental to stock car racing for their altercation with another competitor.

Along with the drivers, both crew chiefs Chris Carrier of the No.30 team and Phil Gould of the No.2 team have been placed on probation until June 26. Both crew chiefs were penalized due to their drivers’ actions.

Following the incidents that occurred after Friday’s Nationwide race at Richmond, it was only a matter of time until NASCAR gave the teams involved penalties for their actions. Things between both drivers got a bit out of hand and NASCAR needed to take control. In the past NASCAR has allowed drivers to “go at it” with each other as long as things don’t get too out of hand and turn into dangerous actions.

NASCAR stepped in with the penalties due to the on-track altercation where both men used their cars to show their displeasure with each other, as well as the motor home parking lot incident. Only time will tell how Piquet and Scott handle each other moving forward.

Christy Valdez is a NASCAR writer for Rant Sports. Follow her on Twitter @Knowursports and on Facebook at On The Sidelines With Christy 

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