Why is Brian Scott on Probation by NASCAR for Two Months?

By Brian Berg Jr.
Robert Laberge/Getty Images for NASCAR

Last Friday Night the NASCAR Nationwide Series was at Richmond International Raceway, a 3/4 mile short track. As always tempers flare and sometimes those tempers spill over to pit road after the race. In this case it was between Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott, drivers of the No. 30 and No. 2 cars respectively.

Brian Scott went over to Nelson Piquet Jr. on pit road in order to talk to him about why he was mad at him. Nelson was threatened and pushed Brian Scott away and then kicked him in the groin. That was it on pit road but apparently some of Brian Scott’s crew members confronted Nelson in the infield outside the Motor Home lot and a scuffle ensued. Two of his crew members were arrested. It was not reported that Brian Scott was involved in that event.

NASCAR is a privately owned sport.  They can do whatever they want; you play by their rules or not at all.  In this case NASCAR has suspended some crewmen and put others on probation.  You can read about those penalties here.

There is no doubt that the actions of the two crew members from the No. 2 team deserved fines and suspensions.  There is no doubt that Nelson Piquet Jr. deserves to be put on probation for kicking Brian Scott.  We also know that Crew Chiefs are responsible for the actions of the Crew and Driver so their probations are understandable. What doesn’t seem to make sense is the probation for Brian Scott. Not that being on probation is so bad but what did he do to deserve it?

Every race fan and I saw on TV Nelson Piquet Jr. spin Brian Scott out on pit road.  We also saw Brian go over to Nelson on pit road. Where Nelson pushed then kicked Brian. Unless Brian did something happened off camera there is no apparent reason why he should be on probation.

I know NASCAR does not need and is not required to explain in detail why they take any particular action against a driver or team but they do need to know that we are talking about it and wondering.

In this case we want to know what Brian did. If not we are only left to guess. My guess is that a driver isn’t really just going up to just talk to another driver after the race if he leaves his helmet on as Brian did. That is why NASCAR felt he also had something to do with the altercation.

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