Wreckers or Checkers?

By Brian Berg Jr.


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I haven’t been this out of sync with NASCAR fans in a long time.  On Saturday night I watched the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on TV with just about every other NASCAR fan. Unlike other fans I was exhausted after the race. The problem wasn’t the race, but the fact that I did landscaping all day, finishing just before the race.

The Chicago area had a late spring and no yard work had happened before that day. To put it into perspective, the leaves have only been on the trees for about one week prior to the All-Star Race. But I digress.

Normally after the race I watch fans reactions on Twitter, plus the press conferences. I didn’t that night and went to bed thinking the All-Star race was a pretty good race.

Late Sunday I finally got back to Twitter to see some fan reactions, only to find that most fans on Twitter thought the race was boring.  Some people wrote that they need to make changes.

First off one thing was clear to me and that was the difference between the competition—or lack thereof in the Showdown and the All-Star race.  Not only was there really only about five competitive cars in the Showdown but watching one then the other the whole field in the All-Star race was smoking compared to the Showdown. There is a reason why those drivers are in the All-Star race.

The All-Star race was set up in five segments. It was billed as a Wreckers or Checkers type of race. The four mandatory cautions were supposed to set up that type of racing.

We did see that type of racing at each restart. There was close racing for position through at least half the field. What we didn’t see is the carnage that normally occurs on restarts at the end of a race. In fact we haven’t really seen that all year.

Since that carnage didn’t happen the cars got strung out single file as they almost always do on one and a half mile tracks. The comments I saw on Twitter baffle me. As a long time race fan that race was more typical of a one and a half mile track. Unless those fans are the ones who watch racing for the wrecks then the comments don’t fit the race.

I don’t know why but the drivers are driving these cars like they are expensive pieces. Maybe the camber on the rear end is keeping the car from stepping out and giving the drivers more time to catch them. Either way the racing we saw was typical of a track like Charlotte Motor Speedway. The only exception is we probably wouldn’t have seen that many restarts in 90 laps.

Maybe the problem wasn’t the racing, but the way it was advertised. Wreckers or Checkers has not been a theme this year. I am not looking forward to the comments during 600 miles of racing this weekend. I am sure the racing will be good; just not what many may want.

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