TV Cable Falls During Coca-Cola 600 Fans Hurt

By Brian Berg Jr.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

In every sport the Television networks try many different ways to get better and better camera angles and shots in order to enhance the home viewing experience. NASCAR TV coverage isn’t any different.

During the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway and cable that holds a camera broke and fell on the track and some fans in the stands. Somehow it went unnoticed and Kyle Busch the leader of the race at the time drove through it.

The cable caught on Kyle’s car and wrapped around the right wheel causing fender damage. Around the same time some fans in the stand were holding the cable up. It was ripped from their hands causing rope burn type symptoms.

I didn’t see anything.  I just heard a big thunk on the right-front tire and thought the right-front tire blew out.  That’s how hard it felt and what it felt like.” Kyle added, “It did have an effect of slowing my car down and I could feel it like, ‘Whoa.’  That’s weird and I don’t know that anybody has ever seen that.  Maybe now we can get rid of that thing.

Ten fans were hurt; seven were treated and released at the track. Three others were sent to local hospitals.

It concerns NASCAR any time fans get hurt at the track. NASCAR is a dangerous sport and the drivers understand that but it should be safe for the fans.

NASCAR red flagged the race stopping the cars on pit road in order to clean up the cables. According to NASCAR rules drivers and teams are not allowed to fix their cars during a red flag.  This time NASCAR, with close supervision allowed the teams to fix the damage that occurred due to the damage.

NASCAR got it right. It would be unfair for those teams who ran over something that was not expected on the track. Kyle Busch said when he left the race early due to an engine failure, “I commend NASCAR first of all for taking the initiative and letting us all repair our damaged cars from the issue that we had earlier in the race.

Besides Kyle, Mark Martin, Marcos Ambrose, Juan Pablo Montoya and Denny Hamlin got damage to their cars.

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