Tony Stewart an Outsider's View

By Brian Berg Jr.
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Last week NASCAR was at Dover Tony Stewart and his crew chief Steve Addington pulled off a seemingly come from nowhere win.

During the press conference, someone, the sound wasn’t good to tell who, asked Tony about rumors regarding his crew chief and team. Tony then went on at length about how the rumors have affected his team. He even called out a reporter about reporting rumors but it wasn’t clear if it was the reporter who asked the question in the first place.

Stewart said, “I don’t know who you guys are talking to in the garage area.  You guys need to just come talk to us, because we never discussed any of this crap that’s been going around here.  It’s been a huge distraction for our organization.

The main crux of the rumor is that Tony made a big mistake getting rid of Darian Grubb Tony’s crew chief during his historic five win Sprint Cup Championship and replacing him with Steve Addington.

Tony Stewart put it very bluntly. “And when I finally got wind of it was three weeks after it first came out, and I was ticked.  I don’t need that crap.  I’ve got enough stuff to worry about, keeping three cars competitive and trying to get them in that state and having to deal with a bunch of bull crap that’s inaccurate and speculation; to me at this level is unacceptable.

I’ve had most of the week to noodle on his comments, what I know happened and what I think I know happened.

What I came up with is that we all have been trained by the teams that when performance is lacking changes must be made. We have begun to accept that as fact. So when performance is lacking and changes aren’t being made then rumors get developed.

The second thing coming to my mind is that, by all indications, Tony and Darian had decided to part ways one or more races before the chase began. This took a load off of both shoulders. That load being the expectation that changes had to be made in order to perform better.

They  both loosened up. They were free from expectations. Than an amazing thing happened. They both found out that their cars and program were not as bad as they thought. A few good, unrestrained pit calls, a great driver to carry them out and bam. Success! Success without actually making any changes.

Maybe the answer is that simple. We all are too hard on ourselves when success doesn’t come easily. That includes the fans, media and yes the race teams. We all need to loosen up and have fun with this NASCAR thing. Remember loose is fast.

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