Ferrari Expect Mercedes Prosecution Over Secret Pirelli Test

By jamesharris
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The F1 chiefs will meet to decide Mercedes‘ fate over their secret tire tests next week, over which Ferrari are confident that the Silver Arrows will be punished. In fact, Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo is fully expecting Mercedes to be prosecuted.

Mercedes and Italian tire supplier Pirelli have been called to FIA‘s headquarters in Paris on June 20. It’s here they’ll both face an International Tribunal for an ostensible breach of regulations.

Although Mercedes boss Ross Brawn doesn’t consider the test a breach as he claims that his team gathered no useful information, Red Bull and Ferrari have launched a protest. Because Mercedes used their current car in Pirelli’s 1,000-km test at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya, the rival teams agree Mercedes must’ve taken some useful information away with them.

Adding pressure to Mercedes before their tribual, Di Montezemolo praised the FIA and said he had his faith in them in making the right decision:

If the tribunal does find Mercedes guilty, there are many sanctions available depending on the degree of the breach. Mercedes could face anything from a fine, points deduction, race ban, or even exclusion from the championship. Meanwhile, the FIA announced that a decision on the case will be made as soon as possible.

I’m not sure how I personally feel. On one hand, I think they did breach the regulations and should face a punishment; however, I don’t think they should be kicked out of the championship. Maybe if they were running away with both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships like Red Bull, I might feel different.

What do you think?


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