Mercedes Verdict Leaves Ferrari Scarlet-Faced

By jamesharris
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After what seems like an age, Mercedes finally received a verdict concerning the ‘Pirelli scandal’ from the FIA International Tribunal. Expectations from the pit lane suggested big fines or loss of constructor points, but it seemed the FIA were having a good day.

Despite given a reprimand and a penalty (banned from the young driver test at Silverstone next week), Scuderia Ferrari are ‘perplexed’ at the outcome. Ferrari hasn’t made an official comment on the hearing, instead relaying information on to its infamous ‘Horse Whisperer’ column. They are confused over a team getting away virtually scot-free for running a current 2013 car in the Pirelli test.

They made this rather sarcastic comment about the ordeal, “And what if this whole incident had taken place after the young driver test, what would have been the penalty then? Would they have been forbidden from holding an end of year dinner?”

The scarlet stallions along with Red Bull Racing first brought up the Pirelli matter and presented the FIA with their findings at the Monaco GP. The FIA’s disciplinary action ruffled the Horse Whisperer blogger’s feathers into heavily chastising the outcome.

Horse Whisperer referenced the occasions when teams have had to remove illegal components from their cars before races rather than them having their results omitted.

It commented further on Ferrari’s site. “The way things are going in Formula 1 at the moment is becoming boring: you make a mistake, you race with an illegal component, but then you are told to just change it for the next race and we’ve seen what we’ve seen…”

Do you think Mercedes should’ve received a tougher sentence or do you think it fits the crime?


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