Lewis Hamilton Wants To Take On Everyone

By jamesharris
Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports

Although Lewis Hamilton is currently six months into a three-year deal with Mercedes, he has been pondering what the long-term future holds, claiming he would’ve “happily” gone up against World Champion Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull.

Surprisingly, the 2008 World Champion also admitted a drive for Ferrari would appeal to him.

Talking to F1 Racing magazine, Hamilton made it clear he’s enjoying life and his new team, but when asked if he would ever join Red Bull while triple World Champion Vettel was still there, he replied: “I would go up against any driver.”

“Any time, any place. Any team. Whoever it is, that’s not a worry for me, I would have happily been Sebastian’s teammate.”

Current Ferrari star Fernando Alonso reputedly vetoed the Scuderia from signing his former McLaren teammate – anyone familiar with Hamilton’s rookie season will remember the Spaniard throwing his toys out of the pram every time the ‘new boy’ outperformed him.

Alonso is set to drive for Ferrari until the end of 2016, but this didn’t stop Hamilton admitting that he was no different to any other driver in F1 regarding the most famous racing team in the world: “But what I can say is that throughout my racing career and through karting and everything, Ferrari have always been one of the top teams and it’s always a desire for any driver to drive for them.

“So anyone who gets that chance, no matter where you are or what car you drive, you look at a Ferrari and think: ‘That’s pretty cool.’”

Would Ferrari sign Hamilton after 2016?

His drive-or-die attitude and exciting driving would certainly add flare to an already passionate team and frenzied fan base. But would they put up with his often erratic and impetuous behaviour?

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