David Ragan Searches for the Ultimate NASCAR Home at Front Row Motorsports: Part 3

By Joseph Wolkin
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s part three of our three part series with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, David Ragan.

Q: How have you been able to help your teammates, David Gilliland and Josh Wise, with their on track performances this year?

A: We work pretty well together as a team. Our crew chiefs work closely together. Our team engineers share information. Everyone’s driving style is a little different so you’re always fine tuning to what the individual driver may need. You work on the small things and those guys have a lot of experience in the Nationwide Series and other series coming up just like I did. We all have some strengths and some weaknesses that we try to identify, so it’s good to have some young teammates that are working hard to improve and certainly makes you better knowing that you have some other teammates that are just as hungry (to succeed).

What does the future hold for you? Will you, well, do you, want to stay with Front Row Motorsports or do you want to move to a larger team?

A: Time will tell. Front Row Motorsports has been a pretty big family to me. I’ve gotten to know some pretty great people and we have a good program. I want to be competitive and just be able to win some races and challenge for a chase spot. If I can do that with Front Row Motorsports then that would be great, it would be a great story to tell. But down the road, you never know. We’re working hard to start the second half of the season to a good note. Like I said, the guys at Front Row have been great to me and I hope to be with them for a long time, but you just never know what the future holds.

Say if an opportunity came along to drive a championship capable Nationwide Series car in 2014, would you take the job or stay with Front Row Motorsports?

A: So many other questions would have to be asked. What’s the landscape like at Front Row Motorsports? What kind of manufacturer will that Nationwide Series car be? There are a lot of questions that would be asked. What are the teams of the contract? Who the sponsors are?

You have helped the team sign major sponsors. What does that say about your marketability as a driver?

A: It’s a good thing. I think the sponsors are a big part of this world that we live in. They make a lot of decisions that change the way the teams make their decisions to run the race teams. I’ve always had a good relationship with the fans, the media, the sponsors and that’s a valuable part of our sport. It’s good to see some interest with some major sponsors here at Front Row Motorsports and hopefully we can continue to build those relationships.

How has the team adjusted to the Generation Six chassis? Do you feel like the team is meeting their goals as of now?

A: We’re working hard on some of the development of the Generation Six car. We started off the season on average. Other teams were in the same boat (that we were in), just trying to get cars and parts ready for the start of the season. We have 30 cars in inventory at Front Row. That was a lot of work during the offseason. We’re not done developing though. I wish we were certainly a little farther ahead, but we’re always fighting to get to the next level. We’re trying to get new cars, parts, trying to figure out new ways to put the suspensions together. NASCAR has tweaked on the rules as we have went as well. We’re on pace (to our goal) but we have a long ways to go as well.

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