Jamie McMurray Continues To Turn His Season Around

By Christy Valdez
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For some drivers, the 2013 NASCAR season has been their big break. Meanwhile for others, it just hasn’t been their year. While some drivers look for their turnaround to their year. For Jamie McMurray, things are starting to look up.

As the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series reaches it’s second half of the season McMurray looks to continue to work his way back up within the ranks as he has been as of late. After going through some bad luck the last two seasons, a little bit of luck gave McMurray something to use as motivation.

The Sprint Cup Series All-Star race gave McMurray a turn around to all the bad luck he had been having since missing out on the chase in 2010 despite the wins. Since the 2010 season, McMurray had gone winless but the All-Star break changed all of that when he won the Sprint Cup Series Showdown, winning his way into the All-Star race. The win might have not given him any points for the season but it gave him a boost of confidence.

After finishing in the top 10 at the All-Star race, McMurray has been racing his way back up and improving throughout the remainder of the NASCAR season.

Since the All-Star race and the Sprint Showdown win, McMurray has faced some challenges on the racetrack. He hasn’t been able to find the consistency he may have liked but throughout all of the races there have been some positives.

During the first road course race at Sonoma Raceway, McMurray won the pole in the first group qualifying session of the year. The race at Kentucky may he given him some trouble throughout the race but McMurray and the No.1 team were able to make their way back up front and capture a second place finish.

After capturing a great finish at Kentucky, McMurray has worked his way back into the top 20 in points after some hard weeks on the track. He had fallen out of the top 20 after the race at Dover but has managed to make up some ground in the process.

If McMurray wants to make the chase even as a wildcard, it may be a challenge moving forward but regardless of what the year may have ahead, it has featured some positives. After some rough times the last two seasons, the 2013 season has given McMurray a comeback.

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