Jeff Gordon Can't Catch A Break

By Wola Odeniran
Jeff Gordon
Brad Barr- USA Today Sports

It seems to be a common theme Jeff Gordon has been dealing with over the last two seasons. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. If any race defined Gordon’s luck over the past two seasons, it was Daytona last night when Gordon got in a wreck on lap 149 that ended his night.

Gordon was about to move aside from the wreck in front of him that took Denny Hamlin to the wall, but Matt Kenseth swerved to the left, causing Gordon to hit kenseth’s door. It was really disappointing because it looked like Gordon was going to make a charge to the front.

“Yea, major front end problems,” Gordon said via twitter. “Wheel’s turned way to the left. Splitter or something is dragging.”

Gordon started 23rd in the race, and sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster at a plate track. With the new generation six cars, drivers can’t move their way to front with tandem drafting like they used to in the generation five cars. Each and every year, it seems that drivers are going to the back less, and less because the back of the field can get dangerous with drivers hungry for position. It should also be noted that it is harder to gain track position at plate tracks in generation six cars than it used to be in generation five cars.

Gordon is 14th in the Sprint Cup standings, but only 14 points back of Kurt Busch, who is ninth in the standings. What has happened to Gordon late in his career is crazy. No matter where he goes, trouble seems to find him. He can run in the front, he can run in the back and he can run in the middle, and someone will always be waiting to deck him. Sometimes racing is give and take, but bad luck seems to keep taking solid racing performances away from Gordon.

For a driver that has 87 wins in his career in the Sprint Cup, which is third all time in NASCAR history, things have to be better than this, right? Gordon didn’t all of a sudden forget how to win. He’s still among the elite drivers in all of auto racing. Good luck has to be on his side from here on out.


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