How Long Will Christmas Abbott Last In NASCAR?

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Six months ago NASCAR took a 31-year-old woman under its wing, only her name wasn’t Danica Patrick.

No, this girl was a body-builder called Christmas Abbott and she was destined to become NASCAR’s first full-time female pit-crew member. Like Patrick, Abbott’s hiring was initially considered a publicity stunt – after all, the girl possesses shampoo commercial hair, an ultra lean body and beautiful looks. Hardly what one would expect working in a NASCAR pit crew.

However, ignoring the negative comments and getting on with the job at hand, she’s silenced the critics who claimed she wouldn’t last … for now.

The 5-foot-3, 115-pound lifter from Raleigh, North Carolina made her debut in February, working on driver Jennifer Jo Cobb‘s truck at Daytona. Now she is under a full-time contract with Michael Waltrip Racing, working for Clint Bowyer‘s car.

Abbott’s well aware her gender puts her in the spotlight; however, her ability to dead lift 255 pounds and change two 60-pound tires in 12 seconds maintains her confidence to perform in front of the considerably bigger Sprint Cup audience.

Can she last a entire Sprint Cup season? Watching Abbott perform, I personally think she has shown the ability to fit in to any pit crew and she should be able to last in NASCAR — I just wish there were more women like her willing to work at my local KwikFit.

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  • Niki

    I can assure you James Harris, she has never changed 2 tires in 12 seconds, nor will she ever. The closest she’s come is more like 15 seconds, and that was her very best time. I hoped her entrance into the sport was legitimate however, rumor has it the spotlight got to her head and that she has walked out on MWR to pursue Hollywood dreams. I’ve followed her story closely and used to go and watch her practice at MWR. Her former teammates said she literally went MIA 6 weeks ago, something that is unheard of from serious pit crew members. Sad, but it appears she is done with NASCAR. I hate it for the guys at MWR, they said she had the potential, just couldn’t handle the commitment.

  • Kc Heller

    hey harris………….better do a better job of following up on your stories……. she has flow the cope