Formula 1: Will The New Pirelli Compounds Explode Again?

By jamesharris
Presse Sports – USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be honest with you: As much as I am bored to death hearing about these blasted Pirelli tires, let alone write about them again, I actually have some good news on the subject.

Thanks to some recent changes, the Formula 1 drivers are now certain any safety worries are now a thing of the past. Pirelli’s all-new tires — a 2012 construction with the 2013 compounds — were evaluated at the young driver test at Silverstone without any of the blowouts seen at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix.

Since the test was undertaken at the same track that saw the four high-speed blowouts under race conditions, the results have left drivers a lot happier about the situation. Even Felipe Massa, the Ferrari driver who experienced one of the spectacular blowouts at the Silverstone race last month, is confident that Pirelli’s delamination issues are no more.

“For construction and safety, it is better – and nothing has happened here,” the Ferrari driver told Autosport. “There were no blow-outs or punctures like we saw in this race. That is the most important thing.”

Other high speed races to come after the summer break include Spa and Monza, but Pastor Maldonado, who also tested at Silverstone, claimed the that drivers would be happy using the new tires at these circuits.

“I think we need to go all together and believe in Pirelli now,” explained the Williams driver. “They had to solve the problem; they knew where the problem was and here we haven’t had anything.”

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