Kyle Busch's Focus Should Be On Winning Sprint Cup Championships

By Wola Odeniran
Kyle Busch
Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Busch has just about run out of excuses. It’s not do or die for his career not to win a Sprint Cup championship obviously, but the veteran is wasting opportunities that may not be there in the future.

Busch can dominate all the Nationwide series, and Camping World Truck series all he wants. He still needs to win in the Sprint Cup to be looked upon as a force to be reckoned with.

Busch has 58 wins in the Nationwide, and 33 wins in the Camping World Truck series. That’s a total of 91 wins outside of the Sprint Cup.

In the Sprint Cup, Busch has 26 career wins. It’s not exactly a surprise that Busch has his least amount of career wins in the toughest series in NASCAR. It isn’t a cakewalk for anyone.

I personally think it is about time Busch cuts back on his scheduled appearances in the Nationwide, and Camping World Truck series to focus on the Sprint Cup. Some drivers can get away with winning in multiple series while winning a championship in the Sprint Cup.

Brad Keslowski has done it. Jimmie Johnson has as well, but he has made rare appearances in the Nationwide series in recent years. Tony Stewart has made many appearances in the Nationwide series, and has three championships to his credit.

But it doesn’t work for everyone. Busch may be the one who might need to scale back.

Winning races in NASCAR is incredibly hard. Each time a driver wins a race, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. But if Busch wants to be looked upon as a true legend, it starts by winning championships in the Sprint Cup.

People like to criticize Busch at times for his attitude and the way he acts in the media sometimes, but at the end of the day just like in any professional sport, winning championships changes the perception of a lot of things.

Busch is a very talented driver. Everything might just go well for him in the Sprint Cup if he minimizes racing in multiple events.

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