Broken Leg Won't Stop Tony Stewart From Racing Sprint Cars in the Future

By Andrew Fisher
Tony Stewart
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Stewart has again made headlines for wrecking a Sprint Car. This time it happened in Oskaloosa, IA during the 360 class 30-lap feature race on Monday night. Stewart was cruising along in the lead until he ran into a lapped car in turn four. The accident also included two other cars and it proved to be an ugly ending to Stewart’s night. The former Sprint Cup champion broke both his fibula and tibia on his right leg, and the injury required immediate surgery following the race.

The expected recovery time is about 12 weeks for this type of break, so Stewart’s availability for the remaining NASCAR schedule is clearly in question.

So with his third wreck off of a NASCAR track over the summer, many people are wondering about Stewart’s future in non-NASCAR events. Is it too risky for him to compete in small events that could cost him big paydays? Because now it’s most certainly bit him in the rear.

While it’s possible that he might reevaluate his future schedule away from NASCAR, I don’t see him ever totally eliminating Sprint Car racing and other dirt track events for quite some time. Stewart is a race junkie and he loves to get out there and mix it up anyway possible. He knows that nasty wrecks are just a part of Sprint Car racing and this time he happened to get a broken leg out of the deal. My guess is that he views this latest incident as just part of the deal sometimes.

We’ll see if Stewart can get back in time to save his 2013 NASCAR season, but he’s already been ruled out of this weekend’s race at Watkins Glen.


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