Tony Stewart Breaks Leg in Sourthern Iowa Speedway Race; Will NASCAR Drivers Take It Easy?

By Wola Odeniran
Tony Stewart
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

Injuries are a part of sports. It doesn’t matter what level you play in. The key to avoid them is to know when to take risks. Tony Stewart took a risk, and paid for it.

Stewart was racing Monday in a Sprint race at Southern Iowa Speedway and wrecked, which caused him to have surgery immediately after. Stewart will miss this Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen, which is a huge blow for a driver who is currently sitting in 11th position in the first wild card spot for the chase.

“It looked like he got into a lapped car,” Brian Brown, the race leader at the time of the wreck, said to The Des Moines Register. “When I got close, he was flipping cage down. I didn’t really have time to watch and see what was going on.”

Once again, it brings up the discussion of whether or not drivers race too much on their own time. These drivers are in the trenches and they try to learn at every track, and it will be interesting to see if they will take it easy from here on out after the latest development.

NASCAR is so competitive these days, and every driver is trying to gain an advantage by driving in as many races as they can. For some drivers, the more reps they have, the better they get, so its not as easy as saying they need to stop racing so much and focus on one series.

Let’s hope Stewart has a speedy recovery.

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