Why I love NASCAR – Tony Stewart and Fans

By Brian Berg Jr.
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Stewart is one heck of a race car driver. To switch from CART (Indy Car) to NASCAR and win three championships is one thing, but to be one of the most successful drivers in NASCAR and still go back to his roots driving Sprint cars means only one thing: It shows he is really passionate about racing no matter what form.

Last Monday, when most drivers had their day off from driving 400 miles at Indianapolis, Tony went Sprint car racing at a local track. He had what looked like a nasty wreck. When asked about it during one of the prerace press conferences for Pocono Raceway he seemingly gave himself the kiss of death:

You mortals have got to learn, you guys need to watch more Sprint car videos and stuff.  It was not a big deal. It’s starting to get annoying this week about that so that was just an average sprint car wreck.  When they wreck they get upside down like that.  That was not a big deal.

Fast forward to Monday night, one week later, Tony Stewart flips the car in yet another Sprint car race at Southern Iowa Speedway and breaks both bones in his lower right leg. The level of irony is unreal but when you really look at it that is exactly what Tony Stewart is all about.

Listening today to the NASCAR Fans and their commentary on Sirius XM all day highlighted one thing for me. NASCAR fans are the most passionate fans. There is no way that Tony was that many fans’ favorite driver but every one of them had some compassion for his predicament. Everyone had an opinion as to whether he should or should not have been driving a Sprint car.

No matter what driver you follow, the passion for racing that Tony Stewart has will wear off on you. We can debate all we want whether or not driving in other forms of racing, when so much is on the line, is right or wrong, but I know one thing. Racing all those different series is what makes Tony, well, Tony. I for one wouldn’t want it any other way.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for RantSports.com.

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