Belgian GP Dominated by Sebastian Vettel

By Michael Guzman
Sebastian Vettel
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Another Formula 1 weekend has gone by the wayside with three-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel once again standing atop the podium after an absolutely dominant, textbook race. The Red Bull Racing driver was unstoppable today, as the car was dialed in leaving the competition behind.

Despite rival Lewis Hamilton winning the pole, Vettel made a calculated pass on lap one and set sail, gapping Hamilton by over a second instantly. Vettel made history today, tying the legendary Nigel Mansell for overall victories. He also joined the elite 2,000 laps led club today despite being just 26 years old.

Things are only getting better for the German as well as he looks to win a fourth straight drivers title. His points lead has expanded to 46 points meaning that barring two absolutely disastrous races the title is all his.

Lotus GP struggled today, seeming to be behind the curve after the long midseason break. Their qualifying effort was poor, and Romain Grosjean’s strategy could have been handled better. However, the biggest loser was Kimi Raikkonen who had a brake duct failure, ending his race finished and points scored streak.

It will be interesting to see how they rebound in two weeks when the tour heads to Monza in Italy, Scuderia Ferrari’s home track. Monza is the fastest track left on the schedule, and Ferrari’s downforce package was immaculate today. Fernando Alonso finished second and displayed pace early, while teammate Felipe Massa gained three positions to finish seventh.

Alonso and company will likely be forced to watch Red Bull run away with yet another championship, but the fact that Alonso returned to the podium today creates hope for the rest of the season. The fact is that Ferrari has found a unique down-force package is a provoking thought going forward, but for now, it is still Red Bull’s world. After performances like today’s, Formula 1 teams are simply being forced to live in it.

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