Jeff Gordon is Gaining Momentum

By Wola Odeniran
Jeff Gordon
Randy Sartin- USA TODAY Sports

After having a rough go in the previous two weeks, Jeff Gordon finds himself gaining a bit of momentum entering the Sprint Cup chase as he is currently No. 13 in points due to a seventh place finish at Bristol Motor Speedway last Saturday.

It comes at a great time as Martin Truex Jr., Kurt Busch and Brad Keslowski got in a wreck at Bristol which is keeping Gordon in the hunt as he has zero wins on the season. When asked if the was a sense of a lost opportunity at Bristol in terms of a win via, Gordon didn’t think it was that cut and dry.

“Yes and no. I think we are better than that. I don’t know if we had enough for Matt (Kenseth), but fought hard and gave it our best effort. Seventh gained points on tenth, it’s not as much as we could have, but we gained something.”

Gordon is currently 11 points behind tenth place in the standings, which is held by Joey Logano. If Gordon can get on a hot-streak entering the chase, it wouldn’t be foolish to consider him among the favorites to win it all. In 2011, Tony Stewart was pretty average during the season, until the chase came around, and  he won five races to go on to win the championship.

Gordon is capable of all of that. But he can’t afford anymore slip-ups in the final-two races before the chase. If he does, his championship dreams for the 2013 season would be just about over. I don’t expect any troubles for Gordon entering the chase. I’m picking him to get in, and do some damage to the competition.


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